The conference will be held in:

Icona UPWr

The Department of Plant Nutrition, Wroclaw University of Environmental
and Life Sciences, is pleased to announce the XIV International Symposium

Microelements in agriculture and environment”

to be held in Polanica Zdrój, Poland, 23rd 26th June 2020.

A special event during the symposium will be celebration of the jubilee of

prof. dr hab. Zofia Spiak,

a long-time head of the Department of Plant Nutrition, former Agricultural Chemistry.

The main scientific problems presented at the Symposium:

  • Microelements in plant production (arable ground, grassland, horticultural production, forestry);
  • Diagnostics of the microelement deficiencies, nutritional requirements and the microelement fertilization techniques, microelement fertilizers;
  • Methods of the microelement determination;
  • The physiological role of microelements in plant, animal and human organism,
  • Trace elements in animal and human nutrition;
  • Environmental aspects of the microelement excess and toxicity.

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